MongoDB as a service

Having great working experience with MongoDB database, we are ready to provide our clients with such a unique offer as “MongoDB as a Service”. No longer you have to think about data scaling, validity, backups and many other things. Accomplishments of our professional knowledge help us provide you with MongoDB, which simply works. We are also ready to support and ensure the smooth operation of all your systems and infrastructures. Entrust your data and systems to our specialists. Contact us for further information.

Right now we have the following options:

Cost$16 for 1 GB/monthBased on config
Data AllowedAutoscaleBased on config
Multiple UsersYesYes
Monitoring ToolsYesYes
Production ReadyYesYes
SSD StorageYesYes
RamApprox. 1GB per 10GB of dataBased on config
Replica SetYesAdd-on
Regular Backups IncludedYesYes
Location SelectionYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Firewall & Port RulesNoPossible, but custom
ShardingPossible, but customYes
Text Search EnabledYesYes
Admin Access to DBNoYes