System design and IT consulting

We have great experience in using various technologies and architectural approaches. We are ready to share and help you in making use of these technologies and building agile and scalable systems.

We provide services in these areas:

  • MongoDB consulting
    Our experts are ready to solve problems of different levels of complexity in designing optimal data model, configuration proper sharding infrastructure, optimization of database queries, aggregation, reporting pipeline, speeding up performance.

  • ElasticSearch consulting
    Design, optimize or provide configuration for Search and Big Data based systems.

  • Distributed scalable high-load application
    Define flexible, easy scalable (vertical and horizontal) architecture which focuses on specific problems and operates efficiently.

  • Apache Kafka consulting
    Select proper cluster configuration, tune up performance, adopt to customer specific needs.

  • Cloud services consulting
    Help to design system which could easily scale and efficiently operate with cloud service infrastructure provided by cloud vendors (Azure, AWS etc.)

  • Dynamics CRM consulting
    Map your business requirements to CRM infrastructure (configure existing Dynamics CRM features and flows or implement business specific processes), dashboards and reporting, migrate from Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2013, integration with other systems and services

  • Choosing particular technologies for your project and team
    The world of technologies is growing fast. We will help you to focus only on the range of those which can solve your specific problems with respect to your current project team and expertise.